Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. The FAQ will be extended on occasion.

There are no game files available for The Legacy here. The Magnetic interpreter does not support The Legacy, because it is not based on the adventure system. As the copyrights belong to Microprose Inc., which became part of Atari SA through several mergers, the game can not be offered for download, sorry. Some of the old Microprose games are available through classic game specialists like GOG and as it seems The Legacy is available there now, too.
The games have not been made available as freeware officially and because of that they were not available for download on these pages. However with the launch of the Strandgames initiative, we have been talking about options to make the original versions available here, so watch out for updates.
Magnetic 2 partially supports features from the Magnetic Windows system, although it does not try to mimick the windowing system. The integrated hints, animated graphics and the in game music are partially supported, while for example the mapping system has not been decoded yet.
With the launch of the Strandgames initiative, it became possible for the first time to create native builds for the mobile systems. Before that, any attempts would have been utterly useless because without the proper distribution rights, none of the ports had passed the review processes of the app stores. With Strandgames this has changed. The Pawn, The Guild of Thieves, and Jinxter are already available on mobile platforms, the remaining titles are to follow.