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The Magnetic Scrolls Memorial had a couple of different guestbooks over time and some of the external ones were lost when their services shut down. However the very first guestbook from the first two years in the existance of the Memorial was conserved and is presented here.

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Message #39 from 18.02.2016, 12:33:52
Hello, first at all, thanks for your efforts creating and maintaining this site.

I have a petition...

I'm trying to translate to Spanish "The Legacy" video game , but I need to extract image files with text from the WMCC.MCC file and I do'nt know how to do it.

So, these are my questions:

---Does anyone know how to do it ?

---Is it possible to contact a "The Legacy" programmer?

Through this link you can view the status of translation, in case you are curious:

Thanks and sorry about my english ;)
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Message #38 from 22.12.2015, 15:07:58
I never seem to stop being fascinated by Magnetic Scrolls. Never really liked the competitors but I've spent tons of time in most MS games. Aaaah, the humor, the puzzles, the text. And now I get to see the graphics as well (since I turned that off on the CBM64).

I'm so grateful for your efforts with this page and making the games available.  I'm into Pawn for the third time now (and have ofcourse forgot some stuff, so I'm stuck again :-p ).  Since Pawn was my first adventure-game, it is also my favorite.

Heck, MS even made me write a few adventures myself.

Thanks and thanks again. May this site never go down, I just keep on revisiting it :)

Merry Xmas
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Jason H
Message #37 from 04.11.2015, 23:20:39
Thank you so much for this wonderful site.  I've never seen something so comprehensively dedicated to a software house.  I missed out on these games at the time despite having a CBM64 and disk drive, so I'm really enjoying playing The Pawn almost 30 years later on my Mac.  javascript:add_smilie('smile');
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Message #36 from 17.10.2015, 17:40:15
So happy to find this site today!!! Now I will play allteh games again!
Message #35 from 14.09.2014, 13:09:35
Ty very very much for this service!

Plz keep it alive!

80ies 4ever! ^^

DCCM, germany ^^
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David B
Message #34 from 24.07.2014, 21:53:05
Oh the nostalgia of hearing the Corruption tape again!
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Message #33 from 12.05.2014, 01:07:41
Excellent tribute and it's fascinating to read the background about the company. I loved playing these games many years ago, and it's great to re-live those memories. They have stood the test of time, too.
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Eric Millington
Message #32 from 06.05.2012, 08:42:28
I have no idea why but this morning I woke up with text adventures on the brain, naturally I wondered what had happened to Magnetic Scrolls so I popped it in Google and 5 minutes later I'm playing The Pawn again! I was stuck all those years ago so I can finish it now (once I've worked out how to restore a saved game that is).
Thank you, thank you and thank you again for making these games available. I have the old text adventure hunched over posture back!
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Bob Heral
Message #31 from 07.11.2011, 04:58:20
Your website is very helpful. I can't miss having it on my bookmark.
Message #30 from 16.10.2011, 22:43:16
Nostalgic website!

Thank you!
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