Ami Cheat's Page - The Guild of Thieves


You thought you knew everything there was to know about stealing treasures, right? WRONG! Here you are in a rickety old boat with the master thief who tells you that you are a rank amateur and you have to PROVE yourself! Hmmmmph! I'll bet he would have been KILLED in that Pyramid, and I'll BET he never got a Babel Fish in his entire life!

Oh well, let's show the old geezer what we're made of. Now hold on. You don't want to get wet, so don't just recklessly head off West. See that rope? The rope is about two meters long, right? Well your legs AIN'T, so PULL ROPE and then WEST and you'll save the bath for Saturday night.

Let's take a moment to see what provisions we have. You're carrying a Swag Bag. OPEN BAG THEN LOOK IN IT will show you that you have the indispensable tool of all Adventurers, The Lamp! LOOK IN POCKET and you will find that you also have a plastic card which might come in handy later. Meagre pickings, but we've started with less!

WEST again will take you to an area where you'll spot an old man struggling along with a trunk. Remembering your lessons from ZORK III, you'd better HELP MAN. In fact, if you don't, you'll never get into the castle and you'll fail miserably! You and the old man will end up at the castle where the gatekeeper will lower the drawbridge for the old man, who will disappear inside with the trunk, never to be seen again. As a matter of interest, before helping him, you might ask him about the trunk, the castle and the baron.

With the castle invitingly open, you can go NORTH where you'll be met by the gatekeeper who will deposit you in the Entrance Hall. Along the way, he will tell you about his favourite hobby, Rat Racing, and promise to let you know when the race is about to begin.

A couple of notes here. The rat race is variable and will take place sometime in the next 20-60 moves. You have to be either downstairs or in the corridor upstairs in order to hear him shout at you. If you miss his warning, the race will take place without you and you will not be able to win any money (which you need desperately.)

This walkthru is written from a LOGICAL standpoint. There are faster ways to complete the game without backtracking, but you would have to do things without knowing WHY you were doing them.

Okay, we're alone now, so let's start exploring. Go WEST into the Lounge and the only interesting thing you'll see is a bucket. LOOK IN BUCKET and TAKE COAL that you'll find there. BREAK COAL and you'll discover a fossil. Not the most exciting thing in the world, but we'll keep it anyway. Now SOUTH to the Gallery. Here we'll discover three paintings, each important in its own way. EXAMINE PAINTINGS and TAKE OIL PAINTING since it's described as a classic and is, no doubt, valuable. The watercolour depicts an interesting scene -- keep it in mind for future reference especially the words. The gaudy painting doesn't look like it belongs here. If you move it, you'll discover a safe here; but since you are not, and never will be, a safe-cracker, leave it alone. It's not important.

SOUTH again will take you into the Drawing Room. The red leather settee is obviously out of place, and if you EXAMINE SETTEE you'll find a cushion. OPEN CUSHION THEN LOOK IN IT and you'll find a Note. (Remember, this is a British creation, a Note is money, not something you read!) TAKE NOTE then go NORTH twice and EAST to the Entrance Hall. This is a good, central location to dump stuff. Unfortunately, there is no Legless Horse in this game, and the swag bag is definitely NOT bottomless. Going EAST will take you to the Dining Hall where you'll see a Bear in a cage. Also in the cage is a Platinum Chalice, and there's no question that THIS is a treasure! Unfortunately the cage is locked, and the bear looks testy anyway so leave it for now.

SOUTH again will take you to the Kitchen. The cupboard looks inviting, so OPEN CUPBOARD AND LOOK IN IT and you'll find some rat poison and a jam jar. TAKE ALL FROM CUPBOARD and head SOUTH again to the Servant's Quarters. OPEN CABINET THEN LOOK IN IT and you'll find a key. TAKE KEY then SOUTH again to the gatekeeper's Bedroom. If you LOOK UNDER BED you'll find a tub. OPEN TUB THEN LOOK IN IT and you'll find a Maggot. Yeecchhh! But it must be useful, so TAKE TUB.

About this time you should hear the gatekeeper shout that the rat race will start soon. Go NORTH three times and WEST to the Entrance Hall. DROP ALL BUT NOTE AND SWAG BAG. (You don't want the gatekeeper to know you're a thief, do you?) Besides, if you try to pass the gatekeeper with any treasures, the results will be fatal! Now SOUTH to the Courtyard. The gatekeeper will begin setting up for the race, so WAIT. He will then ask you if you'd like to bet and give you the odds. This MIGHT be a variable, but every time I played, the Grey rat had the longest odds. In any event bet on the rat with the longest odds (you need lots of money!). So BET ON GREY RAT WITH NOTE. You'll be treated to an exciting description of the first race at Santa Courtyard; but never fear, your rat will win.

The gatekeeper will give you a VERY dubious looking cheque (check to you Americans), but it's all you'll get so settle for it. He will then depart, leaving a birdcage behind. Leave it for now.

Time to explore some other areas and get some background on what's going on here. Go SOUTH (don't ever spend more than one move at the Gatehouse unless you are talking to the gatekeeper. He will escort you back to the Drawing Room if you do. SOUTH and WEST twice to the Cave Entrance. Now GET LAMP AND LIGHT IT, it gets pretty dark in these caves.

WEST again will take you to the Junction Chamber, from which all roads lead. We'll try SOUTHEAST first. Here at the fork in the road you'll find an iron gate to the southeast. OPEN GATE THEN SOUTHEAST and you'll see a grave digger plying his trade. Ignore him, he's pretty morose. EXAMINE YEW TREE and you'll spot some berries. You might get hungry later so GET BERRIES then NORTHWEST. Now SOUTH to the Undertaker's Parlour. It's locked up tight (no, the key won't work here) but that shouldn't stop a Thief. BREAK WINDOW and SOUTH and you're in! There's a casket here, which is useless. You'll notice the counter has a flap in it, so LIFT FLAP and SOUTH. The only thing of interest here is the Till. You'll find a button, so PUSH BUTTON THEN LOOK IN TILL and you'll find a coin! GET COIN then NORTH twice and WEST.

Here's the "Ba k of Ker vn a." If you READ NOTICE you'll find that the bank is closed due to no business. Don't bother trying to break in. You can't. We'll get it open another way. The bank is closed because the Thieves, who used to deposit all their loot here, have gone away, and there's no business. Maybe you can fix this. You'll also find a night deposit safe here. What we are going to do is deposit all our treasures in the Bank in the hopes that it will reopen.


Okay, now that you know what to do with your treasures, let's get down to some serious hunting. From the Bank go EAST, NORTH, NORTHWEST to the Junction. To the southwest you'll see some very large, substantial looking iron bars blocking your way. Just for kicks, try BREAK BARS. Aha! Just as you thought, the old Polystyrene-Bars-That-Look-Like-Iron trick! Now SOUTHWEST and you'll find a skeleton. EXAMINE SKELETON and you'll find it has one of its finger bones resting on a chest. Just to be safe, let's GET FINGER AND CHEST. Then OPEN CHEST AND LOOK IN IT and you'll find a heart. (Where ELSE would you expect a heart to be, but in a chest? Isn't British humour wonderful?)

Now go SOUTH and you'll find yourself up to your knees in a stream. Follow it WEST to the Top of the waterfall. There's a rope ladder here and if you EXAMINE LADDER you'll find it's tied in a tight ball. UNTIE LADDER and the ladder will unroll. Don't bother going down -- there's nothing you can do down there now.

Go EAST, NORTH, NORTHEAST then EAST four times then SOUTH to the Wheat field. You'll see a windmill operating in the distance. If you try to talk to the Miller he won't hear you because of the windmill. So SHOUT HELLO and the Miller will answer. Then SHOUT STOP WINDMILL and he'll shut it down.

Now SOUTH and sit down to talk with the Miller. He'll give you a piece of gum which you should keep for future reference. If you ASK MILLER ABOUT LUTE that he's playing with, he'll tell you that the salesman told him it was magic. You can ask him about a few things you're interested in, and eventually he'll tell you he's tired of the Lute and wants to sell it. BUY LUTE WITH CHEQUE (careful of the spelling) and you'll be the proud owner of a magical (?) instrument.

Lutes are VERY delicate, so PUT LUTE IN BAG and NORTH. Whooooops! It's a good thing you protected the Lute, you clumsy oaf! Now WEST, NORTH four times. As you go through the courtyard, you'll probably see a description of fish jumping. Keep that in mind. In the Entrance Hall GET LUTE and DROP LUTE, BERRIES, CHEST AND GUM. Now let's check out the upstairs.

UP and WEST will take you into the Library. EXAMINE DESK will show you a paperback and a box. READ PAPERBACK and you'll discover that your instincts were right: the fossil IS valuable. EXAMINE BOX and you'll find the outlines of a heart, spade, diamond and club. Now OPEN BOX and inside you'll find three cards and a joker. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Pay attention to which suit is NOT represented in the box (it's a variable); this will save your life later. You can DROP BOX because you won't need it anymore. Now you can READ BOOK. You will get a variety of interesting topics, all of them variable. Among them you should find one that tells you that rats can't swim, another that tells you how to make a fishing pole out of a piece of wood, thread and needle or pin. Many of the books will give hints as to things to come in the game while others are useless.

When you're tired of reading, go EAST (ignore the bathroom to the North of here), EAST and NORTH to the Billiard Room. GET CUE and then EXAMINE BILLIARD TABLE. You'll see three balls of different descriptions on the table. Now HIT (colour) BALL WITH CUE. This may or may not be a variable (it was always the Red ball in my game), but one of the balls will refuse to go in a straight line. GET RED BALL (or whatever) AND OPEN IT and you'll find a diamond! DROP BALL but keep the cue -- it's a multi-purpose tool!

Now EAST into the Music Room and you'll see an interesting stool. OPEN STOOL THEN LOOK IN IT and you'll find a plastic bag. GET PLASTIC BAG THEN EXAMINE IT and you'll find a valuable original manuscript! Now SOUTH twice to the Spare Bedroom. There's a wealth of important stuff here. First LOOK IN BED and you'll find a Sewing Box. GET BOX THEN OPEN IT and you'll see some cotton with a needle. Now LOOK UNDER BED and you'll find a china pot. GET POT. Now OPEN WARDROBE THEN LOOK IN IT and you'll see a designer dress. TAKE DRESS. This throws a lot of people off the track. The china pot and designer dress are BOTH treasures, even though they don't look like much.

We've looted this room pretty good so go NORTH, WEST twice and SOUTH twice to the Main Bedroom. There is a strange looking painting over the bed, so GET PAINTING THEN DROP IT. It's not valuable, but you'll see a hole in the wall. Looking through the hole will show you a light a LONG way off, so I wouldn't enter the hole if I were you. You need a way to get across the chasm to the light. There's a mirror on the cabinet, so GET MIRROR and then OPEN CABINET AND LOOK IN IT. You'll see a plaque there; and if you READ PLAQUE, you'll find two buttons and the information that this is a folding bed. Being a very ingenious kind of thief, you know immediately what to do, right?

SIT ON BED. Now you can't reach the buttons from here, but remember the cue? PUSH TOP BUTTON WITH CUE and Wheeee! You're in the Secret Laboratory. If you LOOK IN CAULDRON you'll find a sachet. EXAMINE SACHET and you'll find that you better not open it until you're ready to use it. Since you have no idea what it's good for, better leave it for now. There's only one other significant thing here: the diary. READ DIARY and you'll have an idea what the sachet is for, but you still will have to figure out the other ingredients. The word "distasteful" gives you some ideas, though, huh?

There's nothing else to be done here right now so go WEST and you'll find yourself magically back in the Main Bedroom. Now North twice and DOWN. GET THE PAINTING AND FOSSIL, then EAST, SOUTH and EAST again to the Gloomy Passage. OPEN DOOR and NORTH and you'll be at the top of a flight of stairs. The cellar below is infested with rats; but no matter how hard you try, you can't get the rat poison where it will do any good. On the south wall is a drainage system consisting of a stopcock and pipe. Remembering what the book said about rats and swimming, OPEN STOPCOCK and you'll hear water gurgling down the pipe. But we want the water in the cellar so GET PIPE and the cellar will start to flood.

WAIT one turn for the cellar to become half flooded then CLOSE STOPCOCK. Now you can safely go DOWN and EXAMINE RACK. You'll find two bottles there. GET ALL FROM RACK and you'll end up with a red bottle and a Champagne bottle. EXAMINE CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE and you'll find the instructions "Shake me, say 'Hooray' and I will explode." Something you'll probably want to remember later. OPEN RED BOTTLE THEN LOOK IN IT and you'll find some wine and a ruby! GET RUBY THEN DROP BOTTLE. (I suppose you can drink the wine if you really WANT to.)

Now UP and SOUTH twice to the Junk Room. You'll see a cube here. It doesn't look very impressive, but GET CUBE and then MOVE JUNK and you'll find another exit. Go SOUTH and you're outside the castle By The Moat. There is another of those Night Deposit Safes here. It's time to see if we can't help the local economy (and ourselves). OPEN SAFE then put the ruby, diamond, dress, plastic bag, fossil, painting and pot in the safe (you won't be able to put them all in at the same time) then CLOSE SAFE.

Now NORTH twice, EAST, NORTH twice and EAST. You've been working hard so it's time for a little recreation now.


If you were lucky in the Library, you read a book that mentioned how to make a fishing pole out of a piece of wood, thread and pin. If not, this is something you just have to figure out yourself. The fish jumping in the moat in the courtyard is about the only other hint you have about fish. You're going to have to deal with the bear in the cage somehow, and although there IS some honey available, as far as I can tell there's no way to get it, and it wouldn't accomplish the purpose. A bear's OTHER favourite food is fish!

GET COTTON and then FIX COTTON TO CUE. The syntax is a little tricky here, and if you don't get it right, the parser doesn't understand what you want to do. Also, DON'T remove the needle from the cotton...I could NEVER find a way to put it back! Now all you need is bait, so GET MAGGOT THEN PUT IT ON NEEDLE and you're all set! Go SOUTH to the Courtyard and FISH IN MOAT. You will very quickly catch a fish, and the fact that it's dead doesn't matter. (Dead mackerel maybe?) Anyway, go NORTH, GET COTTON FROM CUE, DROP CUE AND COTTON. Then GET POISON AND PUT POISON ON FISH. Now go EAST to the Dining Room and UNLOCK CAGE WITH KEY and then GIVE FISH TO BEAR. The fish will work wonders and then you can OPEN CAGE, GET CHALICE, CLOSE CAGE. (I don't know if the bear will ever wake up, but I don't believe in taking chances!

Now SOUTH, EAST, SOUTH, SOUTH and OPEN SAFE, PUT CHALICE IN SAFE, CLOSE SAFE. Then NORTH, NORTH, WEST, NORTH, WEST. GET JAM JAR and go NORTH once more. There is a stable door here. EXAMINE DOOR and you'll see a horseshoe. Let's RUB HORSESHOE for good luck. You see a golden glow, but nothing much else happens. Well, maybe something good will happen later. Now EAST to the stable. Simply OPEN JAR and a fly will enter the jar and get stuck. This will come in handy later. WEST, SOUTH will take you back to the entrance hall. We'll need a few supplies for our trip so DROP ALL then GET LAMP, CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE, COIN, FINGER, MIRROR, CUBE, LUTE, JAR AND GUM. Now SOUTH, GET CAGE and SOUTH AGAIN, WEST twice and NORTHWEST, SOUTHWEST. There's a gem stuck in the wax in the ceiling, but it's really pretty simple to get. Just REFLECT BEAM AT WAX WITH MIRROR and the gem will fall. CATCH GEM and you can DROP MIRROR. Now NORTHEAST and SOUTHEAST to the Junction.

We're going to take a little unnecessary side trip here, just so you can see what is going on. Go SOUTHEAST, SOUTH, WEST and you're in front of the bank. READ NOTICE and you'll see that it says "Closed due to lack of business." Now OPEN SAFE, PUT GEM IN SAFE and CLOSE SAFE. Now WAIT one turn and you'll see a little man come out and change the notice. If you READ NOTICE, you'll see that it now says "Closed due to not much business." It might be fun later to save up all your treasures and bring them here and deposit them one at a time, and see how long it takes the little man to drop from exhaustion! Now EAST, NORTH, NORTHWEST to the Junction.

If you're not interested in watching the scenery just described, you can bypass that and go directly to the Zoo and put the gem in the safe there. From the Junction go NORTHEAST and you'll be at the entrance to the Zoo. There's a toll gate here and you'll have to PUT COIN IN SLOT to get in. There is also a Night Deposit Safe here in which you can put the gem if you still have it.

Now EAST, SOUTH and WEST will take you to the Insect House. Some vandals have been at work here, but read the plaque which will tell you that the snake (what's a snake cage doing in an insect house?) who escaped likes cold climates. GET SNAKESKIN (you might want to make a wallet later) and then head EAST.

Oops! You seem to have a snake corset! Not to worry. Remember that sign at the T-Junction which mentioned a Jungle? Jungles are HOT! So go NORTH twice and then WEST and the snake will expire from heat stroke. Now you're faced with a yucky spider, but if you DROP JAR, a sticky situation will be to your benefit.

Go EAST back to the T-Junction. There's an Aviary to the East but we'll forget it for now. SOUTH, WEST, and SOUTHWEST will take us back to the Junction.

We're going to investigate another area now so go EAST twice, SOUTH twice, WEST and SOUTH again and you're at the Antechamber to the Temple. There's another of those Night Safes here, a good sign that there might be treasure around!

SOUTH again takes you into the temple. Whatever you do, DON'T touch the statue yet. Instead EXAMINE ALTAR and you'll find an Incense Burner. GET BURNER and you're ready to investigate the other exits. There is nothing at the Northeast exit so ignore it. Go SOUTWEST, UP and EAST and you'll find an organ. EXAMINE ORGAN then GET ALL KEYS FROM ORGAN. Now WEST, DOWN, NORTHEAST and SOUTH. You'll see a beehive here. EXAMINE HIVE and you'll find that it's closed and there are some gloves on it. You can open the hive and there is honey inside, but I know of no way in the world to get it, and it isn't needed. But the gloves might help so GET GLOVES then NORTH, SOUTHEAST and UP. There's an ivory rhinoceros here, and ivory is valuable, so GET RHINOCEROS then DOWN, NORTHWEST and NORTHWEST again. Then DOWN to an exit with "WOBNIAR" above it. If you're very observant, you'll notice that that spells rainbow backwards. Better SAVE the game here, one false step and you're a goner!

Those of us who have played HOLLYWOOD HIJINX will NEVER forget the order of the colours of the rainbow. For those of you who didn't, they are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. You must pass through the following room by stepping on these colours in order. Assuming it is NOT a variable (it was the same in every game I played) you should be able to get through by using this sequence: SOUTHEAST (Black), SOUTHEAST (Violet), NORTH (Indigo), EAST (Blue), EAST (Green), SOUTHEAST (Yellow), SOUTH (Orange), SOUTHWEST (Red), EAST (White).

SOUTHEAST will take you to the Crypt Room. The sarcophagus is locked, and what better to open it with than a skeleton bone? So, UNLOCK SARCOPHAGUS WITH FINGER then OPEN SARCOPHAGUS. There's a skull in there, and if you EXAMINE SKULL, you'll find an eye in the skull. TAKE SKULL THEN DROP FINGER. There's nothing else of interest here so go EAST into the Shrine. There's a statuette here, and although the description is pretty vague, it is valuable, so TAKE STATUETTE. Now there's a black door behind a black what do you suppose would unlock it? Right! UNLOCK DOOR WITH EBONY KEY. Now OPEN DOOR, DROP EBONY KEY and go EAST. Nothing here but a pamphlet, so READ PAMPHLET and you'll get some valuable information about walking on coals.

We're done here so go WEST, WEST, and NORTHWEST to the white square. Follow the rainbow colours to get out (not the reverse of the way you got it!). From the white square: NORTHWEST, NORTH, NORTHWEST, EAST, SOUTHWEST, SOUTHWEST, NORTHWEST, NORTH should put you on the black square. Now NORTHWEST, UP, SOUTHEAST and NORTH to the Antechamber.

OPEN SAFE then PUT BURNER, STATUETTE AND RHINOCEROS IN SAFE, then CLOSE SAFE and some more of your valuables have been deposited. Now we're ready to tackle that statue. Go SOUTH into the temple. Just for safety sake PUT LUTE IN SWAG BAG and then GET STATUE.

Now you know why I told you not to touch that statue! Don't panic, though, just WAIT one turn. Now DROP STATUE (or you'll drown) and NORTH three times which will put you on a sandy beach. GET BROOCH which is in plain sight and then investigate those lumps in the sand. DIG IN SAND and you'll find some wetsuit boots. GET BOOTS. Now go DOWN to the Thin Shaft. If you try to enter this shaft without the right equipment, you'll slip and die, so WEAR BOOTS THEN DOWN and you'll make it okay. Now go SOUTH. You see that rope? Well, you can't possibly climb it unless you WEAR GLOVES. Now UP and GET PICK then DOWN and WEST. Looks like these minerals might be valuable so GET MINERALS WITH PICK. You can now DROP PICK, GLOVES AND BOOTS and GET STONE. Now EAST and then SOUTH.

Does this look familiar? Sure it does: It's the rope ladder you let down earlier; good thing, too! So UP, EAST, NORTH and NORTHEAST and you're back in the cave at the good old Junction!


Now we know what those succulents were for so back to the Zoo! NORTHEAST, to the Safe. OPEN SAFE THEN PUT BROOCH AND STONE IN SAFE, then CLOSE SAFE. Now EAST and then SOUTH and we'll try that other key. UNLOCK DOOR WITH IVORY KEY then DROP KEY THEN OPEN DOOR. Now EAST into the Office. There's lots of stuff here, but ignore it all except the spade. OPEN DRAWER THEN LOOK IN IT and you'll find a key and a magazine. GET KEY AND SPADE THEN READ MAGAZINE and you'll learn the feeding habits of the Macaw. Now OPEN DOOR and NORTHEAST to the White Corridor. Then UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY, OPEN DOOR, DROP KEY, then go NORTHWEST and CLOSE DOOR. There's a noisy little Mynah bird here who can be of great help to you. OPEN CAGE, GET MYNAH, PUT MYNAH IN CAGE then CLOSE CAGE. Now you can OPEN DOOR and go SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST, WEST, NORTH twice. If you get tired of hearing the Mynah squawk, you can teach it to talk by saying MYNAH, HELLO, or whatever you want it to say. This will be crucial later.

Now go WEST and GET SUCCULENTS. Then SHAKE PALM TREE and you'll be rewarded with some Macaw food. GET COCONUT. (Don't shake the tree again, or it will be fatal!). Now EAST twice to he Aviary. There's the bird you want, and he'll tell you that he'll trade some information for food. BREAK COCONUT WITH SPADE THEN DROP SPADE and then GIVE COCONUT TO MACAW and you'll be rewarded with the ingredients for the Baron's secret formula.

Now we're ready to deal with those coals so go WEST, SOUTH, WEST, SOUTHWEST to the Junction and NORTHWEST twice. Now RUB SUCCULENTS ON FEET then go UP. You made it! DROP SUCCULENTS here and go UP again. There's nothing of interest in the Boathouse so just go SOUTHEAST to the Yellow Room. You probably should save the game here in case you mess up the next part.

The secret to this puzzle is really simple if you explore all the rooms and draw a map. If you look at the map, you'll see that the five rooms are laid out in the same pattern as the spots on the face of a die. Dice are a very important part of the game from here on. (Which is probably why they included that die in the package.)

GET YELLOW DIE then go SOUTHEAST. There are rooms with a die in each of the four corners of this White Room. Get the three other die and come back here. if you examine the slots in the opaque case, you'll see that they are coloured Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow, the same as the dice. The dice you have all have one spot on each face. They need to have a five on each face (the pattern of the rooms). So start with the Red Die and ROLL DIE. Wow! That horseshoe was lucky, after all! Okay, tell Lady Luck FIVE. Then PUT RED DIE IN RED SLOT. Do the same with the other three and the case will no longer be locked! Now GET PLASTIC DIE. Now I think it's time to start building the Baron's secret recipe.

From the White Room go NORTHWEST twice then DOWN. Now RUB SUCCULENTS ON FEET (check to make sure you haven't GOT the need them here, but should be able to use them without picking them up.) Now DOWN, SOUTHEAST twice and you're back at the junction.

Now go EAST twice, NORTH twice. At the Entrance Hall make sure you have the cue, berries, heart, eye, cube and snakeskin. Now UP then SOUTH twice. The bed which shot you into the Secret Lab is still up against the wall, so PUSH BOTTOM BUTTON and the bed will return. Now SIT ON BED then PUSH TOP BUTTON WITH CUE. In the lab, GET SACHET and then, remembering what the Macaw told you, PUT HEART, EYE, SKIN, BERRIES IN CAULDRON. The diary said something about symmetrical objects, so PUT CUBE IN CAULDRON. Now OPEN SACHET and the contents will turn into powder. PUT POWDER IN CAULDRON and when you LOOK IN CAULDRON, you'll see an anticube (which isn't there). GET ANTICUBE (don't ask ME...I just work here!).

Now WEST, then NORTH, NORTH, DOWN. We're about to start the endgame, so let's check our provisions. You should have nothing but the LAMP, LUTE, GUM, CAGE, CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE, DIE, and ANTICUBE.

Back to the cave by going SOUTH three times, WEST three times, then SOUTHEAST, SOUTH, and WEST. The notice at the bank should now say "Closed due to not quite enough business." Well, you can solve that. There's one last treasure you haven't noticed yet. EXAMINE LUTE and you'll find a silver plectrum on it. OPEN SAFE then PUT PLECTRUM IN SAFE and CLOSE SAFE. Now WAIT one turn and the little man should come out and change the notice to read "Bank open all hours, please enter."

There are a few preparations you have to make before you're ready to tackle the bank. First GET CARD FROM POCKET then PUT DIE AND ANTICUBE IN POCKET. Now, we're gong to teach the bird a new word. Say MYNAH, HOORAY. You may have to repeat it before the bird says it. Now CHEW GUM and you're ready to enter the bank.

OPEN DOOR THEN SOUTH and you will find a couple of queues. Experienced adventurers will have learned long ago not to try to get in the short line, so ENTER FURTHER QUEUE and you will immediately be at the teller's window. SHOW CARD TO TELLER and you will be whisked into the Bank Manager's office. He will begin explaining to you that he can't let you have any of your valuables, because the bank would be out of business. The timing is pretty critical here so pay attention. As soon as you are in his office DROP CAGE AND BOTTLE. Then WAIT one turn, then SHAKE BOTTLE. At this point he should escort you out of the office. You may have to WAIT a turn after shaking the bottle, but as soon as your are outside his office and he has locked the door behind him, PUT GUM IN KEYHOLE. It is important that you do this while the Bank Manager is outside his office, so that he can't get back in.

If you've done everything right, you should hear the Mynah say "hooray" and there will be an explosion. Everyone will panic and leave you alone in the bank. You will notice that the roof has been blown off; this is your big chance.

It's time for music so PLAY LUTE AND SING URFANORE PENDRA. You will be floating in the air having dropped everything you were carrying. Now go SOUTH and when you land you will be in the Bank Manager's office, and about to begin a very clever and perplexing puzzle.

Go EAST into the bank vault. You will notice three exits besides the one you came in. Remember that I said dice were very important in this game? Well, the exits in the rooms from here on, are equivalent to spots on a die. You must roll a number on the die that does NOT contain a spot corresponding to one of the exits in the room you are in. In other words, you must use an exit that does NOT appear on the die after you roll it. (You may have to read that several times to catch on to what I mean.) To make it more complicated, each time you use an exit, the number you rolled will disappear from the die. You must make your moves so that when you reach the final room (which is ALWAYS reached by rolling a FOUR) ALL the numbers will have disappeared off the die. It stands to reason that as you get closer to your goal it's going to take longer to get a number...rolling the final four may take 30 or more rolls! Luckily, you rubbed the horseshoe and have Lady Luck on your side to make things easier.

Okay, here we go. The room you're in has three exits. ROLL DIE and ask for a TWO. Then go DOWN (See, the centre exit was not represented on the die). Now the room you are in will have the same number of exits, in the same position, as the number you previously rolled, in this case there will be two exits, NW and SE. This time ROLL DIE and ask for a ONE. Go NORTHWEST. Now ROLL DIE and ask for SIX and go DOWN. Now roll a FIVE and go WEST. Now roll a FOUR and go DOWN.

Aha! Here are all the treasures you deposited! But wait! There's more! EXAMINE THE PILLAR and you will discover that there is a weighing machine on it with a cube which appears to be VERY valuable. The weighing machine is delicately balanced so that if you disturb the weight, you will die. If you EXAMINE CUBE you will see that it is about the same size as the one in your package. Notice they didn't say IDENTICAL. It doesn't have any spots...and any spots on the die you have would change its weight; THAT'S why you had to end up with a blank die.

The solution is really very simple. First PUT DIE AND ANTICUBE ON SCALE. The anticube EXACTLY CANCELS the weight of the die, so it's as if you didn't put anything on there at all! Now GET CUBE AND ANTICUBE. Voila! You have another treasure!

Now GET ALL and, since you dropped your lamp, GET WHITE. (Yup, it works!) You're still not quite out of the woods yet, though. The pillar has four signs on it pointing to four directions and naming the four playing card suits. If you chose the wrong direction, you're mincemeat. Remember the box you found in the Library? There was one suit missing, having been replaced by the Joker. I hope you remember what it was...because that is the ONLY safe exit! Find the direction on the signpost and then go that way.

Well THIS looks vaguely familiar! It's the White Die room. You have only one task remaining now so go NORTHWEST, NORTHWEST, DOWN. Remember when I told you you wouldn't need the succulents anymore? I lied! RUB SUCCULENTS ON FEET then DOWN, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHEAST, then EAST four times to the Jetty. Now PULL ROPE and then EAST again and you will get your reward!

Congratulations, you're now a full fledged member of the Guild of Thieves.