Ami Cheat's Page - Jinxter


Okay, enough is enough! Seems that everything you try to do lately turns out wrong -- like getting on this stupid bus. Not a seat left anywhere! That's it. As soon as this dumb bus driver manages to get you to your nice, comfy house, you're going to go look for your wossname...lucky charm. It's time things started going right again. Meanwhile, there's not much to do for the moment except INVENTORY to see what you're carrying. Not much. Nothing else much is going to happen for a move or two, so you might as well WAIT a turn or two until the ticket inspector asks you for your ticket. GIVE TICKET TO INSPECTOR, and he will tell you that your destination is two stops from here. Pay attention to what you're doing here: If you get off too soon or too late, you're finished before you start!

As soon as the bus "sails past a bus stop," PUSH BUTTON. Then WAIT a couple of turns again until the bus stops. When the doors open, GET OFF BUS. The inspector will throw you your keyring. (Don't ask ME how you lost it! You had it the last time you checked.)

The keyring will land in the street. GET KEYRING. As you bend over to retrieve the keys, you find you are about to be hit by a bus. There is nothing useful you can do to avoid being hit at this point. No matter what you type for the next two moves, nothing will help.

Just in the nick of time a very strange character will appear, rescue you from certain death, mumble something about Jannedor the witch, and hand you a document. READ DOCUMENT, and you'll be told to read the document that came with your package. Then the guardian (so THAT'S what he is!) will make a few more comments and disappear. Nothing left now but to get started on your mission.

One thing to remember: If you vary from this walkthru, or if at any point, you see a message that says, "you feel a little less lucky than you did a moment ago," STOP THERE. You will need ALL your luck at the end of the game, and if you lose any, it means you've done something wrong (or at least not QUITE right).

First OPEN GATE, then go north into your Front Garden. OPEN DOOR WITH IRON KEY, and go north again into the Hallway. Go northwest into the Bedroom. There's a cello case here which looks inviting, so OPEN CELLO CASE, and you'll see a harmonica. Leave it there for now, but TAKE CASE. It'll come in handy for carrying things.


Go north into the Kitchen. Ignore the refrigerator for now, but LOOK ON TABLE. You'll see a tin opener. TAKE OPENER THEN PUT IT IN CASE. Now DROP TICKET AND DOCUMENT.

Going east will take you into the Conservatory and about this time the phone will ring in the Library. Go south and ANSWER PHONE. Xam will start screaming at you to get over to his house fast. (At this point you have NO idea where his house is, but don't worry about it: He's already been kidnapped, so there's no need to hurry.)

Going north will take you back to the Conservatory. EXAMINE TABLE, and you'll find a red tablecloth. Since you haven't seen a towel anywhere, a tablecloth is the next best thing, so TAKE TABLECLOTH. Now OPEN DOOR WITH IRON KEY, and go north into the Back Garden. Here you'll see a pair of secateurs and a pair of gloves. You'll definitely need the gloves, and you MIGHT need the secateurs (cutters, to you Americans). TAKE ALL and WEAR GLOVES.

Go north again, then east into the Grassy Field. Here you'll see a nasty bull in the corner of the field. If you go south from here, you'll find your way east is blocked by a barbed-wire fence. The problem here is to get to the east either from here or by going southeast from the Grassy Field. There are two solutions, either of which will earn you the same number points. You need only use ONE of the solutions, or you can do both if you just want the exercise. You'll only get points for your first action.

If you want to deal with the bull (in the Grassy Field), WAVE CLOTH AT BULL. The bull will charge at you. Now THROW CLOTH AT BULL, and it will become entangled in his horns, blinding him. You can now go southeast into the Orchard where you can DROP CUTTERS.

If you'd rather deal with the fence, go south from the Grassy Field (you should already be wearing the gloves), and HOLD WIRE THEN CUT IT WITH CUTTERS. Now you can go east into the Orchard where you can DROP CLOTH AND CUTTERS.

From the Orchard go east. You'll see a plastic bottle in the weeds. GET BOTTLE THEN EXAMINE IT. What you've found is a handy little bottle in which there is water mixed with oil. Hmm.

Go west, then south twice into the boathouse. First EXAMINE DOOR, and you'll see it needs oiling. Aha! But how to deal with the watered-down oil? There are also a can of worms and a mousetrap here. GET ALL then LOOK IN BOAT. There's BUNG in there! Oh Boy! Er, uh, what's a bung? Well, it's a PLUG that goes in a barrel to keep the good stuff from running out. GET BUNG and PUT CAN IN CASE.

Let's go deal with the oil-in-water problem. Go back north, northwest twice, west, south three times, and west into your Kitchen. Now OPEN FRIDGE, PUT PLASTIC BOTTLE IN FRIDGE, then CLOSE FRIDGE. Now go east, north three times, southeast, east, and south.

Here we are at Xam's Front Garden. OPEN DOOR WITH RUSTY KEY, and go southwest into the Messy Kitchen, and west into the Dining Room, then LOOK ON TABLE. GET CANDLE AND MATCHES, and go south. About this time, you'll hear a knock on the kitchen door. Ignore it: it's the postman, and you can't make it to the door in time anyway. Go southwest then south, and you'll find yourself under a holly bush where there's a magpie. LISTEN, and the magpie will give you a pair of spectacles to get rid of you. WEAR SPECTACLES. Now go north, northeast, north, east, northeast, and LOOK IN MAILBOX. There's a note in there. GET and READ NOTE. You'll be told to call the post office to arrange for the delivery of a package.

Go southwest, west, south, and DIAL 300. The voice will tell you he'll send Lebling back with the package. Go north and east, then OPEN TRAP. Go down (those spectacles will allow you to see in the dark!) and TAKE CHEESE, then go back up.

About the same time you go down into the cellar, the postman will knock on the door. He should still be there when you come back up, but he won't give you the package because you're not Xam. He'll lock it up in the mailbox. If you go out and try to open the mailbox with your plastic key, it won't fit.

By now you should have noticed a timid mouse dashing in and out of the kitchen. Let's deal with the little bugger. This trap is a home-brew device, and you have to deal with it quite specifically to get the mouse. First PUT CHEESE ON TRAP, then SET TRAP, and DROP TRAP. (Do NOT say "PUT TRAP DOWN": It won't work!) Now let's do a little locksmithing.

OPEN MATCHBOX THEN GET MATCH. Next, LIGHT MATCH THEN LIGHT CANDLE WITH MATCH. Finally, HEAT PLASTIC KEY WITH CANDLE. AGAIN. (You must heat the key twice for it to be soft enough to change shape.) Go northeast (your candle will go out), and OPEN MAILBOX WITH PLASTIC KEY. Voila! The parcel! OPEN PARCEL, and GET CHARM THEN READ LETTER.

Examine the charm. You'll see the word "OOJIMY" inscribed on it. If you've read your newspaper, you'll know this charm freezes things. Speaking of freezing things, it should be about time to check the fridge.

GO north, northwest, west, south twice, west, and OPEN FRIDGE. Now GET MILK BOTTLE THEN DRINK MILK. EXAMINE PLASTIC BOTTLE, and you discover that the water has frozen leaving only oil behind. GET OIL WITH MILK BOTTLE. Now east, north twice, east, southeast, south, and southwest back to the kitchen.

EXAMINE TRAP -- there SHOULD be a mouse in it. If not, just wander around for a couple of moves, away from the kitchen, and you will eventually catch the mouse. GET MOUSE, and PUT ALL BUT CHARM IN CASE.

Go northeast, north, southeast, and south. GET BOTTLE. PUT OIL ON RUNNERS then DROP BOTTLE. OPEN DOOR, and the door will open easily (and quietly). You'll see the crazy gardener oiling his machine gun. He'll be startled by your appearance and run off leaving a sack behind. (Unfortunately, he takes his machine gun with him.) LOOK IN SACK, and you'll see an amethyst charm. GET AMETHYST CHARM THEN EXAMINE IT. You'll find the word "DOODAH" on it. This charm will cause rain. (Boy, THAT oughta come in handy!) DROP SACK.

If you EXAMINE CANOE, you'll find that it's not seaworthy. Let's fix that. PUT MOUSE IN HOLE, PUT CANOE IN WATER, then GET IN CANOE and GET PADDLE. We're ready to go exploring!


Well, don't just sit there in the dumb canoe: Let's get going! Go south twice to the Pagoda. DROP CASE AND PADDLE. Now GET OPENER AND CAN. LEAVE CANOE and go down the steps. Your path will be blocked by a large mound of dirt. Who likes dirt better than worms? OPEN CAN WITH OPENER, then DROP OPENER, and PUT WORMS ON DIRT. DROP CAN. The worms will make short work of loosening the dirt. MOVE DIRT then go east twice, and you'll find some diving equipment. GET ALL, then go west twice, and up. Time to go for a swim!

First REMOVE TROUSERS AND SHIRT. Now WEAR WETSUIT, FLIPPERS, AND MASK. (Don't put on the aqualung yet: You start using air as soon as you put it on, and you don't have much to spare.) Do an INVENTORY here just to be sure you're not carrying anything except the charms. It's okay to keep wearing the spectacles and gloves though.

Go north, down, and northwest. WEAR AQUALUNG, then go north, and you'll find a hatch. OPEN HATCH and go down. You'll see a panel, so EXAMINE PANEL, then EXAMINE BUTTONS. Now PUSH LEFT BUTTON, then REMOVE AQUALUNG. EXAMINE DOOR, and TURN WHEEL THEN OPEN DOOR. Go east and down. EXAMINE DESK. On it, you see a notecase. EXAMINE NOTECASE and TAKE COIN. OPEN DOOR then go east. You'll see a chandelier that appears to be concealing something, but it's too high for you to reach.

Go west, up, west, and PUSH RIGHT BUTTON. Now east, down, east, and WAIT for the water to reach your scrawny neck. WEAR AQUALUNG, and WAIT until "everything is underwater." Go up and EXAMINE CHANDELIER, then GET CHARM. Go down, west, up, west, and OPEN HATCH. Then go up, south, southeast, up, south, and you're back at the Pagoda.

Now that you're safe on shore, EXAMINE UNICORN CHARM, and you'll find the word "WATCHERCALLIT" on it. This is the charm that makes things come back to you. Drop the aqualung, wetsuit, flippers, and mask, then WEAR TROUSERS AND SHIRT. GET IN CANOE, and GET PADDLE AND CASE. Now go north then southwest, and you're at the Conifer Wood. DROP PADDLE THEN LEAVE CANOE, and go south to the Village Green.

Let's visit the Bakery first. Go northwest and READ NOTICE. Now ASK FOR JOB, and the Baker will give you some instructions. Go down then east to the Larder. That flour sack looks promising. OPEN SACK then SIFT FLOUR WITH SIEVE. Another charm! Go west to the kitchen. EXAMINE TABLE and you'll see a baking tin with some dough in it. You don't want the baker to find out you stole the charm, so PUT CHARM IN TIN. OPEN OVEN, and PUT TIN IN OVEN THEN CLOSE OVEN. PUSH BUTTON and the bread will be done to perfection.

But WAIT! You don't want to be stuck here baking bread for the rest of your life, do you? PUSH BUTTON again, OPEN OVEN, and GET BREAD. About this time, the baker will show up and search you for the charm. He won't find anything, of course! Go up, and the baker will follow you. If you try to leave with the bread, you won't be able to because the baker wants to see how you've done. SHOW BREAD TO BAKER, and he'll take a bite out of it. He'll be so disgusted with the overdone bread, he'll throw it (and you) out the door!

Now GET BREAD THEN EAT IT. You'll be left with the pelican charm. EXAMINE PELICAN CHARM and you'll find the word "DOOFER" on it. This charm will animate things. DROP CASE.

Next stop: the Village Pub. Go southeast into the pub. Reading the sign behind the bar will tell you that you have only enough money for a beer. Since it's the only money you have in the world, you don't want to spend it foolishly! WATCHERCALLIT COIN, then BUY BEER WITH COIN. As soon as you buy the beer, the coin will reappear in your hand! You can DRINK BEER if you wish, but what you MUST do is WATCHERCALLIT GLASS.

Take a look at the hearth. There's a raging fire in there. Try a little more of your magic: OOJIMY FIRE. The fire will go out, leaving an ash behind. GET ASH. Ignore the bartender's insults, go north to the Beer Garden, and down into the well. There you will see another coin. GET TWO-FERG COIN and climb back up. If you EXAMINE TWO-FERG COIN, you'll discover that this one can only be spent once, so you'd better spend it wisely!

Go south and northwest. The bartender will snatch the glass from you when you leave, but you'll soon have it back again. Go southwest to the carousel. DOOFER UNICORN. The animal will spring to life and fly away, leaving the saddle behind. While you're here, DOOFER FIRE ENGINE, and it will take off, leaving its ladder behind. GET SADDLE then northeast and GET SOCK. Now PUT ASH IN CASE. Go northeast into the Post Office. Take note of the ringing bell on the way in. When the Postmistress shows up, SEND SADDLE TO STATION.

(I have to apologize here. There is absolutely NO CLUE at this point to indicate that you should mail the saddle to the station. WHAT Station? However, by the time you find out about the Station and figure out that you have to mail the saddle to it, you will have gone a LONG way out of your way, and will have to go through some really strange shenanigans to get the job done. It's a lot easier to pretend you have ESP, and just mail the dratted thing NOW!)

Anyway, the Postmistress will weigh the saddle and tell you it comes to two fergs. There goes your one-time-only two-ferg coin! GIVE TWO-FERG COIN TO POSTMISTRESS.

When you entered the Post Office, you saw a safe set into the wall. It sure would be interesting to get into that safe, but how can you do that with the stupid bell announcing your entrance every time? At this point the Postmistress will bend down behind the counter looking for something. While she's down there, PUT SOCK IN BELL and that will take care of the alarm. Now you can OPEN DOOR and go southwest.

You can immediately go back northeast to the Post Office; this time you will enter silently, and it will be empty. EXAMINE SAFE and you will notice four handles at the four corners of the safe.

Playing with the handles quickly reveals that they are interactive. So Merlin, the master safe-cracker, will save you some time. TURN BOTTOM RIGHT HANDLE. TURN TOP RIGHT HANDLE. TURN BOTTOM RIGHT HANDLE. TURN BOTTOM RIGHT HANDLE. Finally, TURN TOP LEFT HANDLE, and the safe will be unlocked!

OPEN SAFE and LOOK IN SAFE, then GET CHARM, and you'll have the fifth (and last!) charm. OPEN DOOR and go southwest. EXAMINE DRAGON CHARM, and you'll find the word "THINGY" on it. This charm clears up the weather.

GET CASE, go southwest, then DROP CASE. If you LOOK THROUGH WINDOW, you'll notice the clockmaker is busy at work, and there's an oil lamp burning in the workshop. You need to get him out of the shop: time to get destructive.

GET BOTTLE then KNOCK ON DOOR. The clockmaker will leave the workshop to answer the door. THROW BOTTLE AT LAMP. The clockmaker will rush back in, find the fire, and run out the door. The place is now yours to explore.

GET LADDER and go southwest. If you EXAMINE ladder, you'll discover that there are a few rungs missing. That stool might make up for the missing rungs, but it's awfully hot! OOJIMY STOOL and GET STOOL, then go east in the clock. LEAN LADDER AGAINST GIRDER, and DROP STOOL. Before we go up, let's go get some supplies.

Go west and northeast. GET SHOES THEN WEAR THEM. GET HARMONICA, ASH, MATCHBOX, AND CANDLE. Go back southwest, and east. GET ON STOOL, then CLIMB LADDER. JUMP north, and you're on a platform. Read the description carefully. You need to have the Rain Weatherman close to you. If it is, fine. If the Sun Weatherman is close to you, THINGY. The weather will change, sending the Sun Weatherman outside, and the Rain Weatherman inside. Now EXAMINE RAIN WEATHERMAN and TAKE HAT. HOLD ONTO RAIN WEATHERMAN and DOODAH. As it begins to rain, you'll be carried outside with the Rain Weatherman. There, you'll see a friendly cloud, which will come to a halt near you.

GET ON CLOUD, then DOOFER CLOUD, and say goodbye to the village!


After a short (but thrilling) flight, the cloud will deposit you gently at the Railroad Station. Get up, then READ SIGN, and you will be told positively that Mama Don't Allow No Busking Around Here. (Or something like that.) For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a "busker" is an itinerant musician or actor.

Go east twice to the platform, then north twice, and you'll come to a door marked "Private." OPEN DOOR and go west into the Postal Depot. There's the saddle you shipped. GET SADDLE, and go east, south twice, and west.

BUY TICKET WITH COIN. The Stationmaster will happily tell you that it's not enough, so let's make some more money. PUT COIN IN HAT then PUT HAT DOWN. The tourists around here are pretty hard to please, so you'll need all the help you can get. DOOFER SHOES then play harmonica. A tourist will drop a coin in your hat, but it's a foreign coin and useless. Keep playing the harmonica, and eventually the Stationmaster will get disgusted, and will offer to sell you a ticket at half-price!

GET ONE FERG COIN, and BUY TICKET WITH ONE FERG COIN. Unfortunately, your bad luck is still holding. The ticket will be blown out of your hand.

Pay attention to which direction your ticket is being blown. It seems that there may be a variable involved here, but the following directions worked for me. Go east, GET TICKET, north, GET TICKET, north, GET TICKET, north, and GET TICKET. When you finally get the ticket, you should be on the Tracks; at this point, the train will start leaving!

RUN AFTER TRAIN twice, and you should catch it. When the guard shows up, SHOW TICKET TO GUARD. There's nothing left to do now but WAIT until the train stops at the Mountain. Go west, and you'll see the Unicorn grazing peacefully nearby. (Now you know why you've been messing with that stupid saddle all this time!)

PUT SADDLE ON UNICORN, GET ON UNICORN, and DOOFER UNICORN. You'll go for a quick ride to the castle. GET OFF UNICORN, and go down. REMOVE SHOES THEN DROP THEM. Go east and north, then east and down to the gaol. OPEN DOOR and go north into Xam's cell.

Examining the rope and the hatch will quickly reveal how the door works, and give you a fairly simple solution. TIE ROPE TO MANACLES. Then WAKE XAM. He'll make a lot of noise and summarily be rushed off by the guard, leaving you trapped in the cell.

You need to find a way to have the hatch door shut with you inside. Hey, piece of cake! First, GET MATCH THEN LIGHT IT. Now, LIGHT CANDLE WITH MATCH, then PUT CANDLE IN GLASS. WATCHERCALLIT MATCHBOX. (I'll tell you why in a minute.) PUT GLASS UNDER ROPE, and quickly go north into the dumbwaiter. WAIT and the candle will burn through the rope, the hatch will slam shut, and the opposite door will open!

Now, about the matchbox: If you leave the Watchercallit spell on the glass, it will reappear in your hand after you put it under the rope. Due to what I can only assume is a bug in the game, it will still be under the rope and burn through it at the same time! However, if it is a bug, they may fix it, so it's better to do the whole thing legitimately.

Go north through the Kitchen and up. EXAMINE FIREPLACE in the Hall, and you'll see that it is immaculate. Keep that in mind. Now go northeast, OPEN DOOR, and east twice.

You are now in the Jewel Room. If you EXAMINE DOME, you'll find it's a cube puzzle! EXAMINE BLOCKS, and you'll see the order of the blocks. What you are seeing is a Magic Cube Puzzle. For those of you who are not familiar with it, a Magic Cube is a puzzle in which you have to arrange numbers so that they add up horizontally or vertically to the same number.

Since the numbers in this puzzle range from 1 to 9, the magic number has to be 15. There are only two ways to get the numbers to line up properly. Since the "4" can only end up in the lower right-hand corner, that narrows the solution down to only one possible combination.

This is just like one of the plastic puzzles you played with when you were a kid, so let's get started. SLIDE 5, SLIDE 8, SLIDE 1, SLIDE 6, SLIDE 7, SLIDE 2, SLIDE 9, SLIDE 5, SLIDE 3, SLIDE 4.

When you've successfully completed the puzzle, the dome will shatter, scattering glass shards everywhere. (You ARE still wearing the gloves, right?) GET BRACELET, then PUT ALL CHARMS ON BRACELET.

You're now ready to deal with Jannedor. Go west twice, southwest, northwest, up twice, and you're outside two doors.

If you have not lost ANY of your luck, you'll choose the right door, and all will be well; however, if you HAVE lost even the smallest amount of luck, you haven't a prayer!

OPEN LEFT DOOR, and go north. Jannedor (lucky for you) is arguing with Xam out on the balcony. You'll immediately see a crystal ball on the table. GET CRYSTAL BALL then go south to get out of there before she catches you!

Go down twice, and southeast to the Hall. Take the time to LOOK IN BALL. The crystal ball will show you four possible futures. You want to make sure that the future that will be to your advantage is the one that happens. Keep looking in the crystal ball until you see the scene where Jannedor ends up in the Great Hall, and glances at the fireplace. Now "fix" this future in place with magic: DOOFER BALL!

Why do you suppose she looked at the fireplace? Perhaps because it didn't look the way it was supposed to. PUT ASH ON HEARTH. That oughta do it! Go up into the chimney.

WAIT, and eventually Jannedor will show up and reach into the chimney to find out where the ash came from. Quickly PUT BRACELET ON WRIST.

You will find yourself (now dressed as a Guardian) right back where it all started, with you about to be hit by a bus. There's nothing to do but WAIT, because you are GOING to be hit by the bus and you are GOING to die.