Wonderland - Solution

restored from old Sewer Doc Disk

River Bank: I sit together with my sister Emily on a bench,and feel quite bored,so I decide to stand and go to the East,towards the pear groves.

Pear Groves: Here I gather a pear (4/4),as I walk around for awhile,all off the sudden a rabbit with pink eyes comes running by. Then the pears starts to glow and turns into small lanterns. I follow the footsteps of the rabbit and comes to a hole,where the rabbit has gone through.

Field/Rabbit's Hole: I crawl into the hole,and go South,where I fall in a deep well, during the fall I see a jar glass which I take with me.

Passage: Soon after I land on a pile of leaves in a East West passage. Here I see a door with the letter "C" The door is however closed. I get of the leaves and search the leaves,here I find a key,the key is marked with the word: Locker,and the number 10!

Long Hall: While searching the table i find a glass box,which contains a piece of cake.On the cover of the glass box I read the words "Eat me",above the letters is a picture of a girl as big as a tree. The bottle I spot,says "Drink me",and shows a very small girl! The bottle seems to contain a kind of magic drink,I bring both things,and continues the adventure.

Music Room: Here the chairs are dancinc to the music comming from what seems to be a automatic grand piano.I open the grand piano and finds a key "C" and a key "G" (Music keys NOT regulary keys!). The "G" key however I can't reach.So I wait until a chair is near the grand piano,then I take the music sheet,which makes the music stop playing,and the chairs stop dancing. Now I stand on the chair, opens the bottle with the magic drink,and drinks the stuff. Which right away makes me smaller! Then I climb into the grand piano and get's the "G" key (15/19). Now I leave the grand piano before I regain my normal size.

Broom Cupboard: I use the "G" key to open the door to the broom cupboard,where I find a "Cardshoe"(To be used for picking up cards). Besides that I also take the coat hanger and the overall. Long Halls: Here I open the small door with the "G" key,since I'm too big to fit into the overall I open the fan,and wave the fan (5/24). I now have the size of the overall,which I then wear. Then a rabbit arrives to the scene,the rabbit thinks I'm Mary Anne,and tells me to go to it's house and get a pair of pink gloves and a fan,it also tells me that it will wait for me at the Palace gates Then before it leaves it throws me a key (3/27). Enter Wonderland..........

By The Palace Gates: Here I recieve a welcome by the Jack of hearts,which tells me to get the treacle cake (A kind of syrup cake) from the pantry of the Queen of hearts.He also give me the promise to fullfill my dreams and leave Wonderland. On a stick I see an insect,I take it,it disappears,and I get the stick.Then I go to the rabbit's house.

Front Garden/Rabbit's House: The brass sign on the door says :"W.RABBIT",I take the clothes peg from the washing line,then I loosen the washing line from the tree.Then I open the door with the key I got from the rabbit.

Kitchen: Here I take the breakfast egg,and the cups from the cabinet.

Garden Shed: I go across the garden,behind the housse into the shed where I see a vice. I put the clothes hanger in the vice,straighten the coat hanger and open the vice.(8/35).Now I enter the house again and go to the top floor.

Landing: Here I open the standing clock,and finds the 6 of diamonds.(This is the first of ALL 13 diamond playing cards you MUST find during the game). As soon as I get the card it disappears into the card shoe.(1/36).Then I take the right hand pouch. The door to the rabbit's bedroom unfotunately is closed,and there is a key in the keyhole,but,from the other side! I notice a gap underneath the door so I decide to do the old trick. I put sheet of music in gap,and sticks the straight coat hanger in the keyhole,so it will force the key out, and it will fall on the paper! Now I pull the paper back,and i'm now the owner of a key to the rabbit's bedroom.I unlock the bedroom door,(6/42).

White Rabbit's Bedroom: When I enter the bedroom I see the things I came to get,the pink fan (4/46) and the pink gloves (4/50).I also get the quartz bottle which contains a magic drink. I notice a white fluid which I can't bring,but who knows it might be useful later on. Then I leave the rabbit's bedroom and proceeds to the castle to deliever the goods.

Palace Grounds: Here I find a pair of garden gloves,which I bring with me. There is a wooden door in the corner,I examine it,but discover that it is locked,and the keyhole is missing.

In Front Of The Palace: The well is surrounded by a mist of sparkling water,to get a bit of the water I hold the cup in the mist(3/53). Then I try to get into the palace,but fails, since I don't have the pass! The pass is hidden in the Duchess' house. On the way to her house I notice a 30 feet tall elm tree,which will be of importance later on in the game.

Lounge/Duchess' House: I open the door and enters here house,Then I get the red glasses case,and the card 2 of diamonds,to get the card I must move the "Gazette" from the table, get the card,and return the "Gazette",then the card will disappear into the "cardshoe"(2/55).

Dining Room: Here I spot the pass I'm looking for,it's lying in a glass case,however the key for the glass case is not among my belongings,so I proceed to the first floor.

Duchess' Bedroom: I go to the bed and find a pair of slippers,then I take of my shoes and put on the slippers(1/56). Now I can sneak around.

Cooks Bedroom: To get to the kitchen I have to wear the garden gloves,then I go to the dinner elevator and enters it. Since the smell from the kitchen makes me sneeze all the time,I put a clothes peg on my nose (5/61).Then I pull the rope (2/63).And go to the West into the kitchen.

Kitchen: Since the plates are flying around here,I decide it's not a safe place to be in,so I do what I have to do in a hurry! I get the carving knife,opens the refrigerator,get the cream with the help from the jar glass and the jug,and then close the refrigerator! (Before the door closes and compromises me). Now I only have to get the glass key and then go to the dinner elevator and exit the scene.

Dining Room: Now in possesion of the glass key,I open the glass case,and get the pass (16/79).I change my shoes,and take my garden gloves off. To the SouthWest of the house there is another gardening fork which I take.Now on the way to the palace I make a halt by the:

Horse Chestnut Tree: When they look at the cream,they tell that it is the favorite food of the Cheshire cat. I then put the cream in the saucer,and the cat appears on the scene,it eats the cream and leaves the scene again.By examining the saucer I now find a piece of sugar on it.I get the sugar (6/85). I also find the left hand pouch,and then I move on to the castle.

Eastern Hall/Palace: I give the pass to the guard,and then the rabbit appears,I give the fan and the oink gloves to the rabbit (6/91) as a thank you I recieve a paint brush from the rabbit.

Central Hall: Here I search coat of arms,and discovers 2 heart cards which is playing croquet with bat and ball. I get the coat hook from where the coat of arms is hanging,and I notice a jury roster in which my playing cards is listed in a certain order.(The order in which I've got them! This is very important towards the end of the game). Then I take a brief look at the Throne room,but enter it I can not.

Conservatory: The only thing I can get here is the handle,I have to use it on the clock,so I turn the handle clockwise (6/97).

Palace Kitchen: On the way to the kitchen I notice a crystal chest in the banquet room,inside the crystal chest I see a invitation.Since the chest is locked,I need to find the key! in the kitchen I got to the Royal chef which flutters around with a piece of paper. I ask him about the paper and he tells me that he must prepare a treacle cake for the majestys banquet. Although he is missing the ingredients,which is listed on the paper: Sparkling water,Sugar,Flour,Lard, Treacle and Breadcrumbs. Since I already have the sugar I give it to him. (5/102). Before leaving I take the steak with me.

Steps: Now I go down the basement stairs,and unlock the basement door with the key hanging there.Since there is something blocking the door from the other side I can't enter,so I proceed to the:

Guards Quarter's: Here I see 13 lockers,since I have the key to number 10 locker,I open the number 10 locker and find a key to the number 3 locker. I open the number 3 locker and find 7 of diamonds (3/105),and the key for the number 7 locker,in the number 7 locker I find a pair of boots which I take with me.(Note,don't pass the guards at the entrance carrying the boots!).So now it's time I search the upper floor of the castle.

Queens Bedroom: In the queens bedroom I find another card,the queen of diamonds (4/109),and in the queenside drawer I find a wooden key.

Bathroom: In the mirror cupboard I get a big lens and a bottle of nail varnish remover. Then I proceed further up.

Royal Observatory: Here I find the fifth card the 4 of diamonds (5/114).I open the glasses case where I find a small lens,which I put here together with the big lens,since I'm not tall enough to look through the telescope. Now I leave the castle, before I do it I however leave the boots in the Eastern Hall,then I go to the:

Walled Garden: To get to the walled garden I first go to the tree house,open the door,go to the West out on the limb.where I tie washing line to limb,and then climbs down. Now before I can go on I drop washing line. In the garden I notice a hedgehog,which I at the moment leave alone. The wooden trapdoor has a small hole close to the edge,in which I put the coathook,now I pull hook and the trapdoor opens(10/124). Through a secret passage I now enter the cellar of the palace.

Cellar: On the table I spot a green bottle containing the long searced for sparkling water (Don't open the bottle,or else the fizz will all be gone !).Now I also see why the basement door was blocked,there is a wedge,which I remove,then I open the door (11/135) and go up the stairs to the palace.

Palace: In the kitchen I give the chef the green bottle (10/145).Then I go through the secret passage and back into the garden. There I get the washing line,climb up and drop the washing line,from then I go to:

The Giant Mushroom: The caterpillar which is blocking the way I give sherbet to caterpillar (5/150). Now notice that the mushroom has a left and a right side,now be careful. Cut left side with carving knife,put chunk into left hand pouch I do that 3 times,so I now have 3 slices from the left side in the left hand pouch. I do the same thing on the right side,but ofcourse put the slices in the right hand pouch.It is of outmost importance to separate the right and left chunks, they may look alike but their effect is very different,indeed!

Path/Walled Garden: I go the path NorthWest of the walnut tree,by using the carving knife against the wall,I can loosen a brick. So I get brick with knife.(It's important that you slice the mushroom before you use the knife on the wall since doing the knife on the wall makes it blunt!). In the hole in the wall I see the next card,however when I reach for it,it will fall into the garden,so I walk back to the garden (The already described route) and pick up the card the 6 of diamonds (6/156).

By The River: Here I find a dog,who is waiting for me to play with him,so I throw the stick, which the dog will bring back from the water. I notice something shining in the dog's mouth,it's a silver key. To get the key you must give the dog the steak (7/163).

Back Garden/Rabbit's House: Now I go for a short visit to the rabbits house,where I search the compost heap with the gardening fork,and I find a card there the 8 of diamonds(7/170).

WigglyWaggly path (Treacle Well): Now I go to the treacle well,where I tie rope to jug and drop jug,then I tie winch to handle,and.turn handle clockwise, the jug now at the bottom of the well being filled with treacle. Then I turn the handle anticlockwise (Also known as counter clockwise) So now here the jug comes,and I get the jug and releases it from the rope (9/179).Then I leave for the river where the beavers at.

Mad Hatter's House: At the disused beavers hole I open the hatch and go up in a cupboard,from the vessel I get the lard,in the kitchen I find a tea chest. Then I go to the breakfast room where I fold the napkin (So that the breadcrumbs don't fall out).then I,get the napkin,in the hat room I find a canvas sack. After I get the mentioned things I go to the:

Mad Tea Party: In the teapot there is a clormouse,which is sitting on a card ! so to get there I have to become smaller. I eat a bit of the mushroom from the right hand pouch and then I,get on teapot,to get in,I eat another piece of the mushroom from the right hand pouch,then,enter pot (6/185). I notice the mouse is asleep,so in order to wake him up I say something,which could be :Hello!. Now the mouse moves and I get the card,the 10 of diamonds (8/193).Then I climb out of the teapot,get off the teapot,to get off from the table down to the floor I eat a piece of mushroom fromt the left hand pouch. When already down I leave and go to the mad hatter's house.

Under The Footbridge: On the return to the palace I get yet another card this time it's the Jack of diamonds (9/202) Then of to the palace.

Palace Kitchens: Here I give the chef the jug with the treacle (15/217) and the napkin with the breadcrumbs (20/237) and finally the lard (25/262).

Royal Observatory: By using the tea chest I'm now tall enough to reach to the telescope,I put the tea chest down and stand on the chest,and,put the large lens into the large end and the small into the small end (7/269) Now I can look through the telescope (12/281) To get a better view I have to close the left eye however. I then turn the telescope towards the SouthEast until I see the tree house, where I see a card hanging on a nail. Before I leave the Palace I go to the Eastern Hall to get my boots,then I leave through the cellar.

Walled Garden: Here I wear the garden gloves,open the canvas sack,get the hedgehog,put's it in the sack and close the sack.

Tree House: I put arm through hole and get the 9 diamond (10/291).

Old tree: At the old tree I open the silver door with the silver key,and I end up in the Long Hall where I was in the beginnig of the game. Here I eat a piece of mushroom from the right hand pouch,and I can now pass through the small door to the West.

Passage: Here I see the three spades (Cards) working as gardeners,they are busy painting the white roses red,I eat a piece of mushroom from the left hand pouch and I help the gardeners (Since I got the paint brush from the rabbit). (13/304).As a gift for my assistance I get a bag of flour.Now I open the bottle of nailvarnish remover and,dip the paint brush into the nailvarnish remover (8/312). The sleeping griffin with head of a eagle,eale feathers and a body of a lion I wake up.

Rock Ledge: Now I have to listen to a long conversation between the griffin and the turtle (You have to listen for as long as they talk,it is important).The two are talking about playing cards,and I will get a usefull information for the end of the game here. During the trial of the dormouse a lower value playing card has defended it self,sucessfully against a higher value playing card,it was the 6 of diamonds against the ace of diamonds. The reason for this is,that the 6 of diamonds were in the court prior to the ace , and therefore had more value.

Duck Pond: When I am at the duckpond I change my shoes and wear the boots,then i enter the pond (12/324).Then I get the eleventh card which is the 5 of diamonds (11/335).North of the duck pond,in the hedge I spot the door which I can open with the wooden key I've got in the queens bedroom. Before I go to the palace I take off my boots and wear my shoes, remember to go around the duck pond when comming back due to the boots which you now leave here.

Throne Room /Tunnel: Here I climb upon the queens throne where I eat a piece of mushroom from the left hand pouch.Now that I'm tall,pull bell pull. The wall behind the throne will now open,and the passage through the tunnel in then free (5/340) here I find the King of diamonds (12/352) and a red key,which I can use to lock the door to the guards room.

Palace Kitchens: Now I can give the chef the missing flour (30/382) and he will begin to bake the treacle cake. Before I go he will throw me a crystal key (Type: catch crystal key (TWICE)).

Banquet Hall: With the crystal key I open the crystal chest and get the invitation to the royal croquet game (3/385). To play croquet I need a ball and a bat,the ball I already have it is the hedgehog! The bat I now have to get. To get the bat I have to go back to the rabbit's house,once again.

White Rabbit's Bedroom: Since I allready have a clean paint brush I put the paint brush in the white liquid and paints the breakfast egg white (7/392) then I go to:

Giant Elm Tree: On the quartz bottle there is a picture of a man with a extreme long neck,so I open the bottle and drink the magic liquid then I put the fresh painted egg in the mouth and wait until my neck is so long that my head is in the tree crown. Then I,drop breakfast egg into nest,and waits,until my neck is back to normal size,then I wait until my score is (19/411). Meanwhile the egg is hatched by the pigeon. I open the glass box and eats the cake,I grow and take the flamingo from the nest (8/419) then I wait until I'm back to normal size again,and now I have a bat (The flamingo) for the croquet game.

South Of Duck Ponds: I show the guard my invitation and waits until the guests are starting to arrive,then I go SouthWest.

Croquet Green/Under The Bramble Hetch: After Ive been listening to the rules,I open the canvas sack and get the hedgehog out,put it down and hit the hedgehog with the flamingo,since my hedgehog has rolled to the SouthEast I follow it and once again hit the hedgehog with the flamingo. This time the hedgehog roles into a hole,in which I find the last card the Ace of diamonds (15/434) I get the card (13/447) and leaves the ground as fast as possible.

Tailors Cottage: Now that I'm in possesion of "Suit of Diamods" (Meaning a complete set of diamond playing cards,NOT clothes!).I can go to the tailor,here I find the overall of the chef in which I find the key to the pantry,my playing cards have now turned into a beuatiful suit which I give to the tailor (16/463) The tailor now leaves the house and now I can get the key from the chefs overall, (5/468) and head for the Palace.

Eastern hall: Since Im now up to stael the treacle cake I then lock the door to the guards room with the red key,and thereby prevents them of capturing me (4/472).

Palace Kitchens/Pantry: I unlock the door to the pantry,enter the pantry,and take the cake (8/480) Then I wait for the Jack of hearts to arrive,he congratulates me and pushes me into the courtroom!!!!!!!!!! They accuse me for stealing the cake,and the list of jury members is being presented,it is the cards of diamonds,in the order in which I collected them (You must write down the order in which they are being presented in).The long text is without importance. The trial goes like this: One of the diamond cards charges me of a certain thing,I then have to choose a card that overrules this charge,if overruled both cards are out of the trial. Remember the conversation between the griffin and the turtle ! You always have to choose the card you picked up before the one card that is now charging you ! Here is an example: This is how I picked up the cards: 6 2 7 Queen 4 9 8 10 Jack 3 5* King Ace. The first charge is brought up by the 7,so you have to select the 2 for defending you "Choose 2 of diamonds" (1/481) The next charge is brought up by the 5 "Choose the 3 of diamonds" (2/483). Now the Jack is charging you "choose the 10 of diamonds" (3/486). Now the 9 is charging you "choose the 4 of diamonds" (4/490). Now the King is charging you "Choose the 8 of diamonds" (5/495). The last charge comes from the Ace "Choose the Queen of diamonds" Now there is only 6 cards left and the trial can not continue,so the case is dismissed and I go back to my sister Emily (6/501).

Hereby the game is over with MAXIMUM score!